Toys For Kids

Vermont Marine Corps League collecting toys for Kids for Christmas

Our History

The Vermont Marines have been collecting toys for needy kids since the 1950s, back when the Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Center was located on Burlington's waterfront, where the Echo Center now is. Currently, there are five Marine Corps League Detachments in the State of Vermont that operate the Toys for Kids Program:

The Donald Cook Detachment is made up of both former Marines and Naval personnel who served with the Marines, who proudly served their country. This Detachment operates in Chittenden and Addison counties and works closely with the Vincel¬lette Detachment, which serves Franklin county.

But we can't do it alone...

This effort constitutes the largest Christmas Toy Collection for needy children in the state. We accomplish this task with the help of hundreds of volunteers from within our communities. These volunteers monitor the red barrels and collect the toys, which are turned over to charitable organizations like the Salvation Army, Light Ministries and various church groups for distribution to the needy.

Numerous businesses are part of the mix, too. Subsidiary toy collection campaigns are conducted within large enterprises, like General Dynamics, along with many smaller ones, such as local convenience stores, barber shops, or dry cleaners.

Toys for Kids is critical to the State of Vermont and supplements the services of other agencies. It provides both manpower and money, which allows other agencies to use their resources for food, clothing and other necessities for those in need. We are proud to make this effort, and sincerely thank everyone in the community who provides support.

Please Note: Toys for Kids of Vermont is a registered trade name owned by the Donald Cook Detachment of the Marine Corps League. The occasional use of this trademark by others requires the permission of the Donald Cook Detachment.
We are NOT affiliated with Toys For Tots or the Toys for Tots Foundation.